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Tech Grand Masters 3   Tech Grand Masters 3

This season Croma Tech Grandmasters is more than just a quiz show. It is a highly interactive game show with India’s technology guru, Rajiv Makhni.
This time it is not only about your tech knowledge but also about strategy. Come outsmart your opponent to become India’s ultimate techie!
Ten Things To Do Around The World   Ten Things To Do Around The World

Sit back and travel the world as we take you to the most sought after holiday destinations in the world and list out 10 great experiences in each place.
The Big Fat Indian Wedding   The Big Fat Indian Wedding

When it comes to marriages, we Indians believe in the Big Bang theory. Everything is larger than life. The song, the dance, rituals, fireworks, festivity and the huge family tree that descends in strength for this made in India extravaganza. Catch up on all the masala of the great Indian wedding on this show.
The First Ladies   The First Ladies

It is said, behind every successful man there's a woman. It hasn't been made clear exactly how though. Did she drive him up and over the wall, forcing him to escape to greener pastures? Did she make him run away and get a life? Or was she the little voice in the background, telling him to make something of his life or she wouldn't stick around? Perish those thoughts! This is a show about the exclusive club of the very special women who backed their beaus all the way.
The Fit and The Famous   The Fit and The Famous

It's all about Shah Rukh’s six pack abs and Hrithik's broad shoulders right from the horses mouth. This 30 minutes weekly show brings to you top Bollywood celebrities who share with us their fitness routine.
The Great Indian Love Challenge   The Great Indian Love Challenge

“How much do you love me?” Have you ever been at a loss to answer this simple question from your beloved? Well, now the measure of your love is going to be tested on TV! The ‘How Much’, always an elusive figure is now on display for all to see and judge.
The Inside Story   The Inside Story

The inside story aims at unearthing the story behind a story. On the show we explore the making of a film, a magazine, an advertisement, a fashion brand, anything that warrants discovery. From the birth of an idea, to the mind of the creator, the pre-production process, the execution and the final product, this show gives you the complete lowdown.
The Making of the Kingfisher Calendar   The Making of the Kingfisher Calendar

Get ready to handle a heat wave this winter as we take you straight to the exotic Maldives with ace photographer Atul Kasbekar as he shoots for another outstanding set of photographs for the most coveted calendar of the year.
The Mavericks   The Mavericks

Are you a whisky lover but don't know enough about it? This show is your Whisky School! Here's everhhting you need to know about the divine drink.
The Next Big Thing   The Next Big Thing

If it's technology and it is into the future - chances are it's on The Next Big Thing. A programme that scouts around the world, through the research labs to track down products and services that are breakthroughs in the field of science and technology. The show is all about tech previews that consumers can look forward to but will have to wait for.
The Rolling Stone Show   The Rolling Stone Show

Discover the stars and live the life of true rock stars. As the world's biggest music magazine comes to live television for the first time in the world, find out who's rocking the charts, who's making the news and who's on the verge of creating history. This is your quintessential guide to whatever that makes it in the world of music. Live the greatest rock and roll magazine of all time on The Rolling Stone Show.
The Single Female Traveller   The Single Female Traveller

Just because you are going solo, doesn't mean you have to go Alone!. Join our single female traveller as she scours the world in search of the most exciting, beautiful and safest places to let your hair down. Take a trip with us and learn how to travel all by yourself.
The Warrior Tribes of Nagaland   The Warrior Tribes of Nagaland

Hidden - yet ready to meet you; tattooed yet worldly wise- for Neha the warrior tribes of Nagaland transform from being mythic figure to hospitable hosts. She meets former head hunters, aspiring rock musicians, gospel preachers and history buffs who take her through this diverse and fast changing region in India’s north east.
Travelling Diva   Travelling Diva

With globalization comes adventure and the discovery of all things food!
After the stupendous success of the award winning series Italian Khana, it’s time to go beyond… with celebrity chef Ritu Dalmia in a show thats based on her book Travelling Diva.
Two For The Road   Two For The Road

2 for the Road is an auto show that travels the length and breadth of India with two auto buffs and travel junkies - Kim Jagtiani and Varun Mitra.

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