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Vanity No Apologies   Vanity No Apologies

Here's a show that gives you an up-close and personal introduction to the Venuses and the Adonises of the Indian Fashion Industry. From how they spend their day, to their hidden talents, the job that drives them to how they let their hair down away from the public eye, these beautiful men and women tell it all.
Vicky Goes Desi   Vicky Goes Desi

Get ready to see international flavours, mix with desi spices to create brand new, healthy, urban recipes. Now, Desi Khaana will also be trendy, cool and sensational!
Vicky Goes Foreign   Vicky Goes Foreign

Join Chef Vicky Ratnani as he sets out to learn more about the food, culture and people of this big nation.

Vir Sanghvi`s Thailand   Vir Sanghvi's Thailand

This is a show about Thailand seen from the perspective of an Indian who knows Thailand well and offers a personal vision of why he loves Thailand, the culture of Thailand, and the people. Join Vir Sanghvi as he journeys across Thailand to present it like never before.

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