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Yarri Dostii Shaadi   Yarri Dostii Shaadi

Yarri Dostii Shaadi Season 2 spices up this super hit formula to come up with a season packed with the glitziest weddings BUT from across communities and all corners of India.
Yoga City   Yoga City

When the noise gets too much and the city envelops you in its humdrum, open yourself to yoga and find the method in all the madness. Find clarity and calm in the chaos so that you can live to the fullest and your best. Yoga City is a series that does not deride the modern life, but will help you find the key to your own piece of calm within the City. Whether at a traffic signal or in your buzzing corner office, you will find that it is easier than you think to – not just always do something…but also just sit there.

Yogasutra   Yogasutra

Yogasutra is designed as a visual treat so that the discipline sits easy on the eyes. And therefore works as the perfect inspiration to better health. Learn the “sutra” of Yoga only on YogaSutra.

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