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A Whole New World   A Whole New World

How do you tackle the change and make your home more suited to your new needs? A WHOLE NEW WORLD makes room! With experts in the fields of architecture, interior design and home technology, we help you welcome the change with arms wide open.
All About My Car, Honey   All About My Car, Honey

Drive-in for the most expensive view of the automobile industry with this show. It looks at the world as one big station wagon traversing through vintage yesterdays to state-of-the-art tomorrows. We meet up with those magnificent men and their haute wheels.
Almost Famous   Almost Famous

It's a abuzz, it's electric...Hi, Rock and Roll in India, aint noise pollution any more! Today it has evolved a cult following. It's a revolution waiting to explode on the mainstream consciousness. Rock music is no longer confined to what people call the upper class, educated types. Things are changing and how. The huge number of college festivals and pub rock shows testify that.
Almost Famous   Almost Famous
Tuesday 10:30 pm
Name: Karan Vir Arya

Age: 27

Claim to Fame: This lawyer-turned-traveller is passionate about music. He never knows what will catch his fancy next. Promoting upcoming musicians is something he feels strongly about and that's why he loves Almost Famous
Apollo 11   Apollo 11

A series that profiles 11 state-of-the-art Medical technologies at the Apollo Group of Hospitals and showcases the craft that is practised there. Through the cases and practice of Apollo Doctors we explore different disciplines of Modern Medicine ranging from Neurology to Plastic Surgery and Cardiac Surgery to Nephrology. We also get an insight into the workings of an institution and the lives of the professionals who are in the business of saving human lives.
Around The World In 85 Plates   Around The World In 85 Plates

Magandeep Singh, one of India's finest and most charming sommeliers, samples and savours food on his trip around the world. Tucking into local cuisine, sipping on exotic drinks, getting invited to the most exclusive clubs and restaurants and bringing world cuisine at your doorstep.
Art Beat   Art Beat

A show that takes you to some of the world's most vibrant cities, exploring the myriad meanings of art. Visit the world's best museums and galleries and wander the streets in search of art - meeting artists who tell you how they create art and experts who tell you how to invest in art.
Away! Luxury Holidays With Arun Thapar   Away! Luxury Holidays With Arun Thapar

Join our luxury journeyman in an island paradise at the decadent Six Senses resort Soneva Kiri, Thailand. A private plane ride from Bangkok, champagne cruises, a 1200 dollars a night beach villa, great seafood, the best spa experiences money can buy and an elephant encounter to remember.
Bachelor`s Kitchen   Bachelor's Kitchen

In this show, chef Aditya Bal promises to transform a bachelor's kitchen into a creative workstation with explosive new ways to make everyday food a joy to cook and share with friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends, co-workers or even enemies!
Band Baajaa Bride   Band Baajaa Bride

Get the drums rolling and the dhols playing, it’s that time of the year when you wished you could get married!! Not just anywhere but on Band Baajaa Bride!! It’s time for Band Baajaa Bride Season 6!! And we are leaving no stone unturned.
Bodylicious   Bodylicious
Everyday: 6:30 am
A heart-thumping, adrenalin-pumping wake-up call every morning, Monday through Friday! Have a vigorous but fun workout with our fitness aficionados who will jump start your day. Join Bodylicious to explore yoga with experts from across the country, have some fun with martial arts or discover the latest fitness trends from the world over with Ayesha.
Bollyfood   Bollyfood

Bollyfood is a show that's the ultimate gastronomical guide to your stars. Whether its their eating habits or lifestyle, their gym routine or their favourite restaurants, its all revealed on Bollyfood. This show, divided into different segments such as foodiography, star thali, kya khaya kya pachaya, healthy wealthy and wise, body mantra, khau galli, star recipe and public stall - will tell you everything yop wanted to know about your favourite star.
Bollywood Confidential   Bollywood Confidential

We’re the most thought-provoking, intellectual and in-depth show on Bollywood and your most trusted source for all the latest gossip from Bollywood!
Breaking Bread With   Breaking Bread With

Think celebs, think cooking and think restaurants. You are invited with Aditya Bal to the kitchens of restaurants owned by celebrities for a very exclusive chat and recipe making in Breaking Bread With… It's fun, its delicious and its healthy. Watch Aditya Bal with a new face and a new restaurant every week.
Bucket List   Bucket List

Imagine the world is approaching its end and you have one last chance to do what you want. Would you take that chance or let it go?

This show is about taking that chance and fulfilling everything on your bucket list! Checking off destinations around the globe, Bucket List is all about things you must see, must do and must experience at least once in your lifetime.
Chakh Le Academy   Chakh Le Academy

After exploring the length and breadth of the country, Aditya Bal is back in action and all set to stir up some mouth watering Indian delicacies along with a bunch of food enthusiasts, in his very own Chak Le Academy!!! Aditya Bal enthralls his students through the flavors and aromas of rustic Indian recipes.
Chakh Le India - Kachcha Raasta   Chakh Le India - Kachcha Raasta

The quirky Aditya Bal is back on the road, and in this case, on the ‘kachcha raasta’. Yes! this time on CHAKH LE - INDIA Aditya hits the road less travelled into the unexplored, and forgotten pockets of India in his hunt for authentic flavours.
Check Out China   Check Out China

Martial arts, lip smacking food, friendly locals, great shopping... Check Out China with us!
Confessions of a travel bag   Confessions of a travel bag

A travel series that looks at how serious problems need more than just retail therapy. They need a perfect holiday wrapped amidst the most wanted shopping destinations across the 'World's Most Famous' streets. Let the therapy begin. When we are exposed to streets full of shops, eateries, bars & malls... We lose all reasoning and logic is overcome by the desire to simply indulge and live the moment.
Cooking Isn`t Rocket Science   Cooking Isn't Rocket Science

British food has never been considered gourmet – in fact, popular perception is that it's quite the opposite. But the show's host, Manju Malhi, one of Britain’s most popular chefs, reveals that there's more to British food than the standard fish and chips.
Cool Q   Cool Q

Welcome to a brand new season of Cool Quotient - a show that is young, hip and trendy. This season promises to give you a fresh new perspective into college and young adult life, from chill out zones in your city to fresh fashion, from fun activities to engage in to flaunting cool gadgets. If you are worried about that hole in your pocket then we have remedies to that too as we teach you how to rehash the old and boring to create the new and stylish! For more stay glued to NDTV Good Times!
Custom Made for Vir Sanghvi   Custom Made for Vir Sanghvi

From made-to-order paintings to exclusive meals to a tune composed especially for him, he gets the royal 'red carpet' treatment wherever he goes. This series is the epitome of India's cultural extravaganza!
Cut   Cut

Bollywood is in our blood. We love the stars, the bling, the heart-breaks and the link-ups. Here's a show where we 'Cut' through the nonsense, 'Cut' through the sensationalism and 'Cut' down to size, where required, to bring you our take, on everything that's making waves in the world of entertainment.
Daddy’s Day In   Daddy’s Day In

Enough has been said about the maternal instinct and the nurturing nature of women. But what about the paternal instinct? 'Daddy’s Day In' is a show that attempts to answer this question. A young father is left to his own devices at home with his kids. He will have to cook, clean and care for them for a day under the watchful eye of the camera.
Date Knight   Date Knight

Date Knight is a show where a husband takes it upon himself to rekindle the romance in their married life and treat his wife like a queen! It is a show where Husbands plan an entire day full of things that their better halves have been wishing and wanting to do but couldn't, due life’s routine. Date Knight aspires to present a new slice of love served on the platter of unspoken words of passion, forgotten promises and simple feelings all wrapped in the foil of a unique concept designed to provide a new take on your married life!

Do It Sweet   Do It Sweet

They are sinful. Scrumptious. Divine. This is not your regular food show, but one that's sweet and easy, flavourful and fun! We bring you a show that's designed to please your sweet tooth!
Dubai Diaries   Dubai Diaries

A travelogue of the most luxurious city in the world – Dubai! A TV series that brings to life all that Dubai has to offer to the Indian traveler from food and fashion, shopping and entertainment, hotels and beaches to family fun. The most unique offering of the series remains that each episode will be hosted by a different anchor! The thematic distribution of episodes covers an ocean of variety that Dubai has to offer. Irrespective of whether you’re a couple, family, foodie, shopaholic, business traveler, Dubai Diaries will manage to gratify all your senses. Through this 10 part series, we will let you in on all that made Dubai the most travelled destination.
Entertainment Tonight   Entertainment Tonight
Entertainment Tonight
Entertainment Tonight
Eyes On Style   Eyes On Style

Here's the ultimate fashion guide on how to choose eyewear for yourself and put your most stylish foot forward.

Fat Man & 13 Brides   Fat Man & 13 Brides

Bikramjit tries his best to impress the girls and their families, while at the same time wheedling out the most delicious recipes they have to offer. At the end of the show, no one is fed up and everyone is somewhat fulfilled.
Festivals, Celebrating India   Festivals, Celebrating India

NDTV Good Times brings to you a 13 part series celebrating the spirit of India, through its festivals.
FoodMad   FoodMad

The Baadshahs of fanatic foodies, Rocky and Mayur are back! Who better to tell you how you can satisfy your food itch. So whether it is midnight hunger pangs or on-the-go food that you desire, Rocky and Mayur will take you to the ultimate destination and get you, your food fix. So join us and go completely ‘FoodMAD with Rocky & Mayur’.

Free Fall   Free Fall

This high octane travel show is not for the faint-hearted. If you like to push the boundaries, confront your fears and seek spine-tingling thrills, then this is the show for you. Take off to exotic locales across the world with our travel anchor Neha for a hair raising holiday.
French Connection   French Connection

What's a Frenchman doing in New Delhi? Whipping up a storm.
Only that this time, it could be in your kitchen! Chef Alain Andre brings an
old world charm, European sophistication and a heart crazy for India - all this
to demystify French cuisine.
Fully Fed Up   Fully Fed Up

This is your definitive guide to the best restaurants as well as the little-known jewels by the roadside. Each week a new city, a new cuisine and a fresh new perspective - this is your weekly dining guide that tells you not only where to eat but what to order! Share our experiences as we rate the food, buck the trend and bust the myths!
Gadget Guru   Gadget Guru
Friday 10:30 pm
As part of the Thank You for the Good Times special series, our anchor and Editor for technology - Rajiv Makhni, decided to go back to his school. The excitement was palpable, the boys got excited and got into debates, discussions on everything tech related with Rajiv Makhni. The best Doon school strikers also took on Rajiv - in a whole new avataar of a goal keeper! But more importantly, he also manages to capture the opinions, the passion and the knowledge about the latest in the world of technology and also test the tech quotient of the students from this prominent institution.
Gadget Guru   Gadget Guru

One of the longest running and very popular gadget shows on Indian Television – Gadget Guru, is a weekly half-an-hour show that has all the gadgets and all the gyan. It has been on air for the last 3 years and takes a look at the coolest, hippest, funkiest gadgets out there, and gives a detailed insight into the world of gizmos.
Game Nite Bites   Game Nite Bites

As the Cricket season kicks off, NDTV Goodtimes brings you Game Nite Bites. An exciting five part series with anchor Aditya Bal's brush with cricket and the food that best goes with it. From cricket crazy families, to kids, guys and gals. Join him as he serves a sixer, takes a wicket and goes all out at some of the coolest sports bars in the city and at home. Learn how to make quick snacks and finger foods to keep you entertained throughout the game. This is food and cricket, like you never imagined. Get ready for some scrumptious Game Nite Bites.
Game on Singapore   Game on Singapore

A reality game show that will get your heartbeat racing! Discover the perfect blend of nature, culture and adventure in Singapore as four teams compete with each other with Rocky and Mayur guiding them.
Get Fit with Rocky and Mayur   Get Fit with Rocky and Mayur

By dropping 10 -15 kilos, Rocky and Mayur will be giving getting fit a new definition. The idea behind getting healthy doesn’t necessarily involve quitting your favorite meals but substituting them with healthier ones. The guys known for binging on the most fattening foods are now changing their lifestyles only to show you that getting healthy can be a lot fun too. Follow their epic journey on our new show Get Fit.
Get the Look   Get the Look

Get ready to witness head-turning makeovers with Ambika Anand on #GetTheLook.
Good Times India - My First Vote   Good Times India - My First Vote

As India gears up for the General Elections, we take you through a journey with Ayesha Sharma. A first time voter - to the country's six major political hot beds. Her objective - to know before she votes.

Join us on a roller coaster ride as she interacts with young professionals with strong political convictions. And does she make up her mind?

Find out over two weekends on NDTV Good Times.
Gourmet Central   Gourmet Central

Gourmet Central
Gourmet Central   Gourmet Central

Gourmet Central is a delectable series from the highly successful and personable chef, Vicky Ratnani. Be prepared to get totally hooked to Vicky’s fancy foods that are turned into irresistibly simple recipes.
Great Drives   Great Drives

If you seek adventure, get into the real SUV and kick start your journey of a lifetime!
Guilt Free   Guilt Free

In a 13 part series, Seema Chandra takes some of the best loved dishes from around the world and transforms them to make them healthy. Her food is not about depriving yourself. But indulging in a little bit of everything.
Hangout Amreeka   Hangout Amreeka

The show is all about the latest hangouts and trends, mixed with some iconic tourist spots, and reflects the ethos of today’s youth and how technology is integrated in every aspect of their lives. From smart phones to tabs to smart camera, everything is a part of traveling smart.
Happiness: A journey with Deepak Chopra   Happiness: A journey with Deepak Chopra
Monday: 9:00 am
Happiness series is a very special journey. A journey that will explore the Question of all questions: How can I be happy ? The person who will navigate us on this journey is none other than Deepak Chopra who has spent a lifetime researching Eastern and Western philosophies of happiness.. IF there’s anyone who can create a map to happiness, he can..
Heavy Petting   Heavy Petting
Sunday 12:00 pm
Name: Shreya Kaushik Chakravarty

Claim to fame: Her pet. Shreya is also a LLB final year student and a fine arts teacher as well. Shreya likes spending weekends at a peaceful place with pets and her family. She hates crowded places.
Heavy Petting   Heavy Petting
Sunday 12:00 pm
Name: Kiran Jhaveri

Know her better: Kiran loves to eat, she also likes to listen to music and watch movies. She has a whole collection of old songs. She practices yoga and hates to leave her dog alone.
Heavy Petting   Heavy Petting
Sunday 12:00 pm
Name: Tanuja Kate

Claim to fame: Her pet

Know her better: Tanija likes reading, listening to music, playing games on the internet and basketball. She loves to take a stroll on Carter Road Mumbai, specially when its raining. Tanuja hates to get up in the morning and Himesh Reshamaiyya.
Heavy Petting   Heavy Petting

A brand new season of woofs , meows and hee-haws , HEAVY PETTING is back with a bang ! Join Heavy petter Seema Rehmani as she visits more canine and feline gatherings, outings and events in India.

It's also a unique opportunity for you to make your pets famous by sending us their pictures so that they get to be part of the show.
Highway On My Plate   Highway On My Plate

Rocky and Mayur are making a mad dash into the mountains and they are taking you along! In the new season of HOMP our intrepid food guides make their way through some of India’s highest mountain roads and other not so “high”-ways to experience life in these charming hills.
Highway On My Plate   Highway On My Plate
Tuesday 10 pm
Name: Manil Anand

Claim to fame: Featuring on the special episode of Highway On My Plate with his favourite anchors Rocky and Mayur.
Highway On My Plate   Highway On My Plate
Tuesday 10 pm
Name: Maninder Pal Singh

I hate: Ketchup & Mustard sauce (they destroy the original flavour of the food)

The last meal I would like to have before I die: Two Eggs half Fry with Parantha & Mango pickle

Food Quote: I have a food quote which i call Maninder’s Principal which states that the taste of the food is inversely proportional to the effect it has on your health. (As a kid i always loved Archimedes Principal on buoyant force I always wanted to have some thing to my name as well)
I Am Too Sexy For My Shoes   I Am Too Sexy For My Shoes
Saturday 1:30 am
Name: Diti Shah

Age: 22 years

Claim to fame: A Mass Media graduate who now works for Yahoo.com.

A big Fan of Ambika Anand and I'm Too Sexy For My Shoes.

Quote of the day: I consider NDTV Goodtimes my "television haven".
I Am Too Sexy For My Shoes   I Am Too Sexy For My Shoes

Brace yourselves…we’re bringing sexy back and how! I’m Too Sexy with Ambika Anand is back with an all new season and this time we give you the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not.
In High Spirits   In High Spirits

Taking alcohol beyond stereotypes and clichés, India's First Lady on everything spirited - Shatbhi Basu engages viewers on everything about drinks. Be it cocktails, mocktails, wine and whiskey, drinking etiquette, bar reviews, unearthing fresh bartending talent and mixing a few original drinks along the way.
India Explored: Manipur   India Explored: Manipur

The locals lovingly call it ‘Sana Laibak’ meaning the land of gold and this place is just that; a brave history, a rich culture, stunning landscapes and beautiful people. The land of Radha and Krishna has a heritage any country would proudly boast of. It’s no wonder Pandit Nehru called it the Jewel of India and Lord Irwin called it the Switzerland of India. To the least explored, most mysterious and arguably the most beautiful region of northeast India - Manipur. Join us as we explore this piece of paradise on India Explored.
India`s Most Haunted   India's Most Haunted

We intend to go to haunted places where everyone fears to tread. We intend to put ourselves in situations where no one wants to be. We intend to try and communicate with those from the other side and we intend to take you along for the journey.
India`s Most Haunted   India's Most Haunted

Do You Believe in Ghosts? Have You Had a Close Encounter of the Ghostly Kind? Share It With Us
It`s A Guy Thing   It's A Guy Thing

It's a guy thing to flex a few muscles. It's a guy a thing to race against time, it's a guy thing to simply chill. This show is an answer to the perennial question “What men want’. It shows things that Guys love to do...From racing wheels that step up the speedometer to super bikes that burn the tar beneath. Dream gadgets that make a guy feel like the man. Whether its luxurious or adrenaline pumping stuff, It all makes for the DNA of every man.
Italian Khana   Italian Khana

Ritu Dalmia is back in Italy and this time she dedicates her visit to aphrodisiacs . She uncovers the secrets behind 'food for love' and the liquid cheer of Italian wine. Join her in her journey to discover the magic of Italian Eggplant and the pizzas from Naples. She goes truffle hunting and brings you the secret behind stringy mozzarella, this new series of Italian Khana is a must see.
Jai Hind With Rocky & Mayur   Jai Hind With Rocky & Mayur

Rocky and Mayur on Jai Hind bring you 8 never-before-seen facets of the Army, Navy and the Air Force.
Jewellery Trail   Jewellery Trail

Jewellery Trail will delve into the enigmatic world of jewels and discover the many myths and stories that lie in its making and the use of various gem stones across India. We'll make you fall in love with your jewels all over again

Kingfisher Blue Mile   Kingfisher Blue Mile

9 daredevil adventurers, 150 kms on foot, an ascent of more than 8000 feet. This is a show like no other!

Kingfisher Derby   Kingfisher Derby

The most glamorous event of the racing world. We bring you all the action from the biggest event of the season, The Kingfisher Derby 2011, where glamour meets unparalleled thrill.

Kingfisher Supermodels 3   Kingfisher Supermodels 3

It's bigger. It's hotter. It's bolder. The battle to be India's next SUPERMODEL is back! Watch out for Kingfisher Supermodels 3, only on NDTV Good Times!
Lean is in   Lean is in

In an ideal world calories don't count, everything you eat is healthy, your work hours are perfect and there are no temptations! In an ideal world we're ALL lean and fit, sigh! Welcome to the food buff’s Shangri-La! Our new lifestyle food show Lean is In! is just such a place. It's your practical guide to eating lean, while eating tasty. We tell it all, how to balance the feeding frenzy and the fitness regime. Our in house chefs, Aditya Bal and Devanshi Garg do a lot more than just cooking in the kitchen, they experience life, the healthy food way.
Life`s A Beach   Life's A Beach

In this new series NDTV Good Times explores anything and everything one can do by the water's edge whether we go skinny dipping in the pristine blue waters of Tioman in east Malaysia or go shopping by the busy beach shops of Pattaya.

Life`s a Beach   Life's a Beach

This is the definitive guide to all you must and must not do when you are around a beach town.
Limited Edition   Limited Edition

Limited Edition's second season kicks off on a high-octane note with the latest, fastest & most sophisticated automobiles burning rubber on our roads today. Then switch gears and be enticed by the subtle Italian charm of Greggio's line of silverware.
Live The League   Live The League

The DLF IPL 2009 is here. Staged overseas and slated to be bigger, better and grander than the last one.

So who are the favourites? And who are the underdogs this year? Will it be the fiery Knight Riders from Kolkatta, or the Superkings from the south? The boisterous bunch from Punjab, the Chargers from Deccan or perhaps the Challengers Royal?
Lock Stock And Two Smoking Tikkas   Lock Stock And Two Smoking Tikkas

Marut Sikka dons the apron and lights the kitchen fire to come up with the best and the most exotic that Indian cuisine has to offer. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and West Bengal to Gujarat, he delves into the secrets of each region and brings out its special flavours.
Lounge   Lounge

Hosted by Rajat Kapoor, Lounge is a tri-weekly chat show which invites real people to tell real stories. So many people have questions to ask, issues to discuss, problems to fix, experiences to share, stories to tell.
Lounge   Lounge
Friday - Sunday 11 pm
Name: Dr. Hemant Brahme

Age: 43

Know him better: Hemant is a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician. His motto is to 'enjoy life, however it comes'. He likes people with a positive attitude. His hobbies are reading, playing table tennis and watching movies.
Lounge   Lounge
Friday - Sunday 11 pm
Name: Divya Puri

Age: 25

Know her better: Divya likes watching movies, reading and adventure sports. She is a fashion designer and stylist by profession. She likes Mumbai rains and long walks.
Lounge   Lounge
Friday - Sunday 11 pm
Name: Sulbha

Age: 42

Know her better: Sulbha is a marketing professional, who likes to spend time with her family. She hates crowded places and loves to watch TV and practice yoga.
Lounge   Lounge
Friday - Sunday 11 pm
Name: Megha Baldoiya

Age: 26

Know her better: Megha loves weekends and is a shopaholic. A fashion desginer, she hates the traffic in Mumbai and loves music.
Lounge   Lounge
Friday - Sunday 11 pm
Name: Sanjay Bachani

Age: 31

Know him better: A rock music freak, Sanjay is a film distributer. He hates people who gossip and loves watching movies, reading and traveling.
Lounge   Lounge
Friday - Sunday 11 pm
Name: Bhavna Vazir

Age: 42

Know her better: Bhavna Vazir likes to attend kitty parties because she loves to spend time with her friends and family. He hobbies are reading, traveling and cooking. 'Dislike' is a word that does not exist in her dictionary.
Love Bites With Joey   Love Bites With Joey

Love Bites with Joey, hosted by supermodel Joey Matthew in a brand new avatar, is a food show straight from the heart, about food’s most important ingredient - Love. Joey, born to Malyali parents and raised in Europe & Middle East, has travelled extensively and dined at some of the finest restaurants in the world. Her tryst with food began at an early age, and this love for food led her into the kitchen where she developed a passion for cooking honest and wholesome food.
Luxe Interiors   Luxe Interiors

Luxe Interiors is your one stop shop to all things luxury spaces and design. It updates you on the latest innovations, product designs and trends that can make your house or office, your glamorous dream space.

Making of the Kingfisher Calendar 2016   Making of the Kingfisher Calendar 2016

This year on the 14th edition of the much awaited Kingfisher Calendar, we are all invigorated to roll in the good times! From last year’s shoot in Turkey we bring you all the action from the stunningly sunny Seychelles. With exotic backdrops of islands, private beaches in La Digue and the luxurious hospitality in Mahe, our sensational five new faces will make the Kingfisher Calendar look fresh and raw like never before. So hold your breath as we launch the Making of the Kingfisher Calendar 2016, on February 6th at 10 PM, only on NDTV Good Times.
Marathon Man   Marathon Man
Friday: 8:30 am & 7:30 pm
'If you want to run a mile then run a mile. If you want to experience another life run a marathon', said Emil Zatopek, Marathon Runner. What goes into the training for a marathon and what makes people run? India’s best known model and anchor, Milind Soman has taken on the challenge of running his first-ever full Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.
Me And Mandy   Me And Mandy

They are 'Miss Matched' but still travel the world together in search for the perfect holiday destinations. 'Me & Mandy' is the story of a travel host and her camera person who take the viewers through many international and national holiday destinations from their opposing point of views. Watch them squabble and argue; Watch them come together to enjoy the moment and lose all inhibitions.
Men Can`t Dance   Men Can't Dance

It's witty.It's whacky. Irreverant, totally out of the box and no holds bar. The show is set to bust every myth about men. It delves into the mind of the male and unravels the pulls and pressures that a man faces today.

Watch Rajiv Makhni in a whole new avataar, as every week he and a celebrity talk man to man about women, relationships, cars, fashion and more!
Men’s HQ   Men’s HQ

It’s a guys world, and politically incorrect as that might be, for us guys – it’s definitely the truth! With an overload of work, stress, relationship & financial pressures and "expectation overload" from all quarters, its easy to lose track of the small things that can make a difference and prevent future health and lifestyle problems. Welcome to Men’s HQ – personal trainer, stress handler & physician for the 21st century urban Indian man!
My Yellow Table - Season 2   My Yellow Table - Season 2

The show got its name My Yellow Table from Gourmet Guru Kunal Kapur’s own memories of food being served on a wooden, yellow-coloured table in his house. Every Sunday, the men in his family squeezed themselves into the kitchen and fixed an appetising four-course meal that gave the women in the family a much needed day-off. The table carried the whiff of happiness as the family came together to dine.
Nagaland, A Land Of Festivals   Nagaland, A Land Of Festivals

16 Naga Tribes show off their costumes, colours and acrobatics in the year's biggest celebration - "The Hornbill Festival". We got here before the tourists arrived and saw Nagaland transform in preparation for the Hornbill Festival. Pole climbing, chilly eating, spear fighting and courtship dances are just the beginning...
NDTV Good Times Road Trip   NDTV Good Times Road Trip

Nine riders dare to take on Ladakh, as they ride to the roof of the world and across it! Over the world's highest mountains, through raging river crossings, high altitude deserts and along the shores of prehistoric seas. THE NDTV GOOD TIMES ROAD TRIP. You dont take the trip the trip takes you!
No Big Deal   No Big Deal
Monday - 10.00 pm
Name: Radhika Bhalla

Claim to fame: Radhika is a lively girl with many fun ideas up her sleeve. She takes much interest in theatre and has acted as well as directed plays in college.

She is friendly and is always open to new experiences and has a sense of adventure that keeps her going from one event/thing/experience/celebration to the other...
No Big Deal   No Big Deal

After looking forward to your holiday & much needed break for months, the last thing you want to do is to wonder exactly how and how far you can stretch your shoe string budget! Well, do not despair help is on the way. Neha Dixit brings you the holiday you’ve been dreaming of & will do it in the most economical & sustainable way. So pack your recyclable bags and join us as we go around the world in search of holidays low on cost and high on fun, only on this brand new series of No Big Deal!
No Kidding   No Kidding

"I have lots of things that bug me....and NOBODY understands. Mom and Dad are really nice but....they just don't get it ...damn! There are things that affect my health too..." Questions are many, but where's the answer?

Here's a show that does not kid about kid's problems! No Kidding treats every issue with sensitivity and provides specialised information on unique problems faced by children but not necessarily always understood / grasped by them or even by us grown up adult parents.
One Life To Love   One Life To Love

Love, money, happiness, men-women, bad bosses, good employees: ONE LIFE TO LOVE is a feel-good show that explores personal and professional issues in depth
Outrageous Food   Outrageous Food

In Outrageous Food, "Big Chef" Tom Pizzica, is on a quest to unearth the most jaw-dropping, eye-popping, occasionally heart-stopping foods in the country — dishes that give "outrageous" a whole new meaning.

Passion   Passion
Friday 10:30 pm
Food has a language of it's own and celebrity chef and restaurateur Ritu Dalmia has her own unique take on it. As the Wizard of Diva, cooking gets transcended into a sensual and sensory experience. Ritu takes food beyond the kitchen – coupling it with friendship, love, passion and even sex... to come up with an unmatched menu, exclusively for you.
Picture Perfect   Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect deals with all aspects of the visual medium from photography to movies, from ads to animation. Loaded with reviews, interviews, tips and tricks, this action-packed half hour is a sheer treat for the eyes. Get close to the director's chair - share a photographer's inner most feelings as Picture Perfect captures the sights and sounds of experts in the field.
Pressure Cooker   Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker by Veneta Cucine, is a face-off between cooking enthusiasts in a two-kitchen set-up. We will have two teams, one from Delhi and the other from Mumbai pitted against each other, headed by super chefs Vicky Ratnani & Ritu Dalmia.
Ride-iculous   Ride-iculous

Strap in for the most insane, gut-wrenching rides and adrenaline attractions, as extreme are taken to a whole new level. An action-packed, just-can't-believe-what-you're-seeing series that celebrates the craziest thrill rides.

Routes   Routes

With life moving more and more into the fast lane, indications are that the world is turning towards nature for respite like never before. Being conscious of the side effects that modern medication may have on our bodies, the general trend seems to have adopted a holistic approach to health. Routes throws light on healing therapies other than the conventional remedies of modern medicine. So from reiki to reflexology and acupuncture to aromatherapy, we explore alternative ways to wellness.
Royal Rajasthan on Wheels   Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Luxury on wheels has just been reinvented. Join travel anchors Arun and Amrita on a train journey where they rediscover India's most iconic destinations in between four course meals in decadent suites aboard one of India's most luxurious trains.
Royal Reservation - Project Living   Royal Reservation - Project Living

The show is back with a trunkful of royal inspiration to transform the way you live. Inspired by royalty, we create contemporary spaces inspired by the kings and queens of style.
Spa Life   Spa Life
Sun: 5:30 pm
The world has changed. The 21st century gentleman is acutely aware of the importance of a fine manicure or a fruity facial! He's unapologetic about checking-in with his better half or significant other, to enjoy a full blown spa experience. Presenter Arun Thapar is on a part personal, part professional journey through the world of high-end male grooming.
Spectacular Spas For Men   Spectacular Spas For Men
Wednesday - 8:30 pm
Name: Shibani Puri

Claim to fame: Winner of the Spa contest, Shibani has won a trip to Kumarakom in Kerala with 3 nights and 4 days of indulgence and luxury at the Radisson Plaza Resort & Spa.

There's more, she also gets to be a part of our new show with presenter Arun Thapar.

All the best Shibani, hope you enjoy the trip!
Staying Alive   Staying Alive
Thursday 9 pm
Name: Varun Sahu

Age: 21 years

Claim to fame: A Client Servicing Executive with Maxims Events in Mumbai.

An aspiring model.

Favourite timepass: I like to dance and watch college comedies.

Staying Alive is his Favourite Show. For the Anniversary Episode, Varun works out with his favourite star Shiney Ahuja on Staying Alive.
Swiss Made Adventures   Swiss Made Adventures

After 5 successful seasons, Swiss Made is back in an exciting new avatar. This season, three well-known travellers chalk out three different agendas for three different kinds of holidays. Each of them have their own checklist with six things that they want to tick off within a week.
Swiss Made Challenge   Swiss Made Challenge

2011 + 2012 - NDTV Good Times and Switzerland Tourism broke new ground in Indian television by taking 30 regular Indians on a tailor made vacation to India’s favorite holiday destination… SWITZERLAND!
2013 – Swiss Made Dreams get bigger, better & more CHALLENGING!
Swiss Made Grand Tour   Swiss Made Grand Tour

Fasten your seat belts and jump in on the ride across one of most desired destinations in the world for a Grand Tour of Switzerland.
Tech Grand Masters 3   Tech Grand Masters 3

This season Croma Tech Grandmasters is more than just a quiz show. It is a highly interactive game show with India’s technology guru, Rajiv Makhni.
This time it is not only about your tech knowledge but also about strategy. Come outsmart your opponent to become India’s ultimate techie!
Ten Things To Do Around The World   Ten Things To Do Around The World

Sit back and travel the world as we take you to the most sought after holiday destinations in the world and list out 10 great experiences in each place.
The Big Fat Indian Wedding   The Big Fat Indian Wedding

When it comes to marriages, we Indians believe in the Big Bang theory. Everything is larger than life. The song, the dance, rituals, fireworks, festivity and the huge family tree that descends in strength for this made in India extravaganza. Catch up on all the masala of the great Indian wedding on this show.
The Chef and His Better Half   The Chef and His Better Half

At work, chef Nikhil Chib is unmatched. He's smart, he's funny, and he knows his way around the kitchen like the back of his hand. At home, there's a little hitch. Natasha may be the quiet one, but she's not used to playing second fiddle to anyone. Least of all to her own husband!
The First Ladies   The First Ladies

It is said, behind every successful man there's a woman. It hasn't been made clear exactly how though. Did she drive him up and over the wall, forcing him to escape to greener pastures? Did she make him run away and get a life? Or was she the little voice in the background, telling him to make something of his life or she wouldn't stick around? Perish those thoughts! This is a show about the exclusive club of the very special women who backed their beaus all the way.
The Fit and The Famous   The Fit and The Famous

It's all about Shah Rukh’s six pack abs and Hrithik's broad shoulders right from the horses mouth. This 30 minutes weekly show brings to you top Bollywood celebrities who share with us their fitness routine.
The Great Indian Love Challenge   The Great Indian Love Challenge

“How much do you love me?” Have you ever been at a loss to answer this simple question from your beloved? Well, now the measure of your love is going to be tested on TV! The ‘How Much’, always an elusive figure is now on display for all to see and judge.
The Inside Story   The Inside Story

The inside story aims at unearthing the story behind a story. On the show we explore the making of a film, a magazine, an advertisement, a fashion brand, anything that warrants discovery. From the birth of an idea, to the mind of the creator, the pre-production process, the execution and the final product, this show gives you the complete lowdown.
The Making of the Kingfisher Calendar   The Making of the Kingfisher Calendar

Get ready to handle a heat wave this winter as we take you straight to the exotic Maldives with ace photographer Atul Kasbekar as he shoots for another outstanding set of photographs for the most coveted calendar of the year.
The Mavericks   The Mavericks

Are you a whisky lover but don't know enough about it? This show is your Whisky School! Here's everhhting you need to know about the divine drink.
The Next Big Thing   The Next Big Thing

If it's technology and it is into the future - chances are it's on The Next Big Thing. A programme that scouts around the world, through the research labs to track down products and services that are breakthroughs in the field of science and technology. The show is all about tech previews that consumers can look forward to but will have to wait for.
The Rolling Stone Show   The Rolling Stone Show

Discover the stars and live the life of true rock stars. As the world's biggest music magazine comes to live television for the first time in the world, find out who's rocking the charts, who's making the news and who's on the verge of creating history. This is your quintessential guide to whatever that makes it in the world of music. Live the greatest rock and roll magazine of all time on The Rolling Stone Show.
The Single Female Traveller   The Single Female Traveller

Just because you are going solo, doesn't mean you have to go Alone!. Join our single female traveller as she scours the world in search of the most exciting, beautiful and safest places to let your hair down. Take a trip with us and learn how to travel all by yourself.
The T3 Show   The T3 Show
Wednesday 10.30 pm
The T3 show is all about tomorrow's technology today. It's the television version of the T3 magazine, which is the largest, most read and respected Gadget Magazine worldwide. The show is all about the latest gadgets, tech trends, reviews, ratings, buyer guides - if its in the market you are bound to find it on the show. Your weekly tech dose that you can't do without.
The Warrior Tribes of Nagaland   The Warrior Tribes of Nagaland

Hidden - yet ready to meet you; tattooed yet worldly wise- for Neha the warrior tribes of Nagaland transform from being mythic figure to hospitable hosts. She meets former head hunters, aspiring rock musicians, gospel preachers and history buffs who take her through this diverse and fast changing region in India’s north east.
Travelling Diva   Travelling Diva

With globalization comes adventure and the discovery of all things food!
After the stupendous success of the award winning series Italian Khana, it’s time to go beyond… with celebrity chef Ritu Dalmia in a show thats based on her book Travelling Diva.
Tricked   Tricked

Ben brings magic into our hearts as he wows his audience with amazing tricks and warm, charming banter, before taking his cunning conjuring to the world at large.

Two For The Road   Two For The Road

2 for the Road is an auto show that travels the length and breadth of India with two auto buffs and travel junkies - Kim Jagtiani and Varun Mitra.

Vanity No Apologies   Vanity No Apologies

Here's a show that gives you an up-close and personal introduction to the Venuses and the Adonises of the Indian Fashion Industry. From how they spend their day, to their hidden talents, the job that drives them to how they let their hair down away from the public eye, these beautiful men and women tell it all.
Veggistan   Veggistan

When it comes to vegetarian food we often run out of options as to what to eat or cook. But worry not, the answer to all your vegetarian cooking woes is here - our brand new show Veggistan!

Vicky Goes Desi   Vicky Goes Desi

Get ready to see international flavours, mix with desi spices to create brand new, healthy, urban recipes. Now, Desi Khaana will also be trendy, cool and sensational!
Vicky Goes Foreign   Vicky Goes Foreign

Join Chef Vicky Ratnani as he sets out to learn more about the food, culture and people of this big nation.

Vir Sanghvi`s Thailand   Vir Sanghvi's Thailand

This is a show about Thailand seen from the perspective of an Indian who knows Thailand well and offers a personal vision of why he loves Thailand, the culture of Thailand, and the people. Join Vir Sanghvi as he journeys across Thailand to present it like never before.

Weekends with SX4   Weekends with SX4

Two days away on a Road Trip – we have two people, they are of the opposite sex, with completely opposite interests, in one car, on one journey…with one mission - to head far away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a Maruti SX4 to create that perfect Weekend Getaway!
Why Am I Still Single?   Why Am I Still Single?

Siggy Flicker is a sassy woman who is no stranger to the trivial triumphs of the dating world including: love, lust and heartache. Siggy uses her own experience and her critical eye to be one of New York’s most successful matchmakers. With an ex-husband, two kids, a fiancée and a matchmaking business this determined mom must perform a balancing act in order to keep all aspects of her life on track. The new series “Why Am I Still Single?” will bring you real people, life lessons, laughs and most importantly love.
Wine Country Citizen   Wine Country Citizen

Get a view of breathtaking landscapes with lavender fields, rivers winding through castles and vineyards, experience wine culture, discover exclusive cellars stacked with great vintages, throw in some great food and get up-close-and-personal with the top wine experts.
Women On Top   Women On Top

A daughter, wife, mother and working woman! That's history! The new Indian woman has added a few more adjectives along the way. She's now a "responsible" daughter, a wife who is also "an understanding companion", an "efficient and capable" mother and besides other responsibilities, also a "competitive" career woman. She's not easily perturbed and openly talks about health and other matters and typifies THE WOMEN ON TOP!
Yarri Dostii Shaadi   Yarri Dostii Shaadi

Yarri Dostii Shaadi Season 2 spices up this super hit formula to come up with a season packed with the glitziest weddings BUT from across communities and all corners of India.
Yarri Dostii Shaadi   Yarri Dostii Shaadi

The ‘bridesmaid’ and ‘best man’ take us through all the madness of their best friend’s wedding… the complete account of all behind the scenes accessible only to the best friend.
Yoga City   Yoga City

When the noise gets too much and the city envelops you in its humdrum, open yourself to yoga and find the method in all the madness. Find clarity and calm in the chaos so that you can live to the fullest and your best. Yoga City is a series that does not deride the modern life, but will help you find the key to your own piece of calm within the City. Whether at a traffic signal or in your buzzing corner office, you will find that it is easier than you think to – not just always do something…but also just sit there.

Yogasutra   Yogasutra

Yogasutra is designed as a visual treat so that the discipline sits easy on the eyes. And therefore works as the perfect inspiration to better health. Learn the “sutra” of Yoga only on YogaSutra.

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