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Band Baajaa Bride: Riddhi & Swapnil's childhood romance comes alive

Published On: Mar 28, 2014   |  Duration: 45 min 44 sec

School friends to college lovers, hard core romance to a 9-year-long separation, this dramatic love story of Riddhi & Swapnil went through several ups and downs and yet stood strong. From sharing lunchboxes to dates on Skype and frequent travels from New York to Boston, Riddhi & Swapnil have come a long way in their relationship and are finally tying the knot. They truly represent the #LiveYoung couple and to celebrate their strong love, team Band Baajaa Bride decided to fulfill Riddhi’s wish of having an on screen Bollywood inspired wedding. Watch this childhood romance come alive as Band Baajaa Bride makes this grand wedding happen.

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