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Get The Look: Embrace A Century Old Fabric - Chanderi

Published On: Apr 06, 2017   |  Duration: 22 min 59 sec

This week, Get The Look brings you Chanderi, a fabric known for its transparency and sheer texture. Coming from a small town in Madhya Pradesh and amongst the best-known clusters, this century old fabric has come a long way.

Being an athlete for most of her life, Diksha now wants to enter the fashion industry as a stylist and on the show, Ambika Anand and our team of experts help Diksha incorporate feminine silhouettes in Chanderi as well as acquaint her with fashion trends.

We start the show by putting together Diksha's wardrobe. Chanderi expert Sanjay Garg of Raw Mango, who is known to simplify and modernise Indian handlooms for the youth of today, picks out relevant outfits. In the grooming section, beauty host Dr Kiran Lohia not only provides solutions to Diksha's acne concerns but also treats them and ace hair colourist Eesha Rishi gives her the much-needed haircut and colour. Stylist Divya Arora joins the bandwagon with accessories for Diksha's final look. And finally, make-up artist Manjari Malik glams her up for the final reveal.


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