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Get The Look Grand Finale: Watch The Fashionable Makeover Of Two Sisters

Published On: Jun 15, 2017   |  Duration: 22 min 59 sec

Watch Nirya and Malya, the dynamic sister duo, undergo a fashion transformation, as Ambika Anand and her team of experts help them experiment and step out of their comfort zone.

This fashion journey starts with stylists Zina and Zoya, who meet the sisters and each of them selects one of the girls to style. Our beauty host Dr Kiran Lohia gives Malya a new-found confidence. Next up, the sisters get a spanking new hair makeover at Martina Wu. Nirya then meets artist Alisha Bhasin in her quirky shop Al Atrz and learns how to jazz up her old bag. Finally, the sisters go through a dazzling makeup journey with makeup expert Ashima Kapoor.


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