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Kunal Kapoor Recreates The Magic With Delhi's Popular Dishes

Published On: Sep 28, 2017   |  Duration: 23 sec

My Yellow table is back! And the very first episode of this season of India’s Favourite Recipes starts with a Delhi Special. In this episode, Chef Kunal Kapur creates some of Delhi’s popular dishes, and tells you how you can make them right in your own kitchen and not order in. On the show, are - a rich bowl of Butter Chicken, a flavoursome portion of Kadhai Paneer, served along with fresh Garlic Butter Naans. And for all of you who need something sweet after a hearty and buttery meal, Chef Kunal has just the thing for you! He finishes the menu with a decadent Kheer topped with pistachios, cashews and almonds. Helping him prepare this elaborate menu is National chess player Tania Sachdev, whose sporty spirit in the kitchen is something you can’t miss. So catch all this masti and mazza only in this Delhi special episode

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