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Team Get The Look Explores Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Published On: May 11, 2017   |  Duration: 23 min

This episode is dedicated to sustainability - a fashion philosophy that kickstarted in the late 1980s. Sustainability entails recycling, up-cycling and the use of eco-friendly fabrics to create trendy runway couture.

Our subject for the week, a lawyer by profession, Prashant Gaur's wardrobe is full of blacks and whites. Watch Ambika Anand and our team of professional experts help him break away from the monochromatic scheme and add some colour to his wardrobe - the sustainable way!

The episode starts with David Abraham, from the brand Abraham & Thakore, as he puts together a sustainable wardrobe for Prashant from scrap material, followed by our beauty host Dr Kiran Lohia who gives Prashant a black head removal treatment, helping his skin rejuvenate. Ambika helps him pick up the perfect accessories to jazz up a summer look - Essilor glasses and some cool bags from Doodlage.


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