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Team Get The Look Explores Handcrafted Fabric Kota Doria

Published On: Jun 08, 2017   |  Duration: 23 min

On this episode of Get The Look, we champion an elegant handcrafted fabric that screams geometry, is supremely airy and yet extremely resilient - Kota Doria.

Witness our subject Kajal Bawa undergo a transformation for her parent's 25th wedding anniversary, as Ambika Anand and her team of experts help get her a brand new style to mark this occasion.

We begin with designer Urvashi Kaur who gives Kajal a quirky new wardrobe. Our beauty host Dr Kiran Lohia helps Kajal feel more confident in her skin, our jewellery experts Kaabia Grewal and Sasha Grewal walk her through ways to spice up her jewellery wardrobe. Next, she undergoes a grooming session and gets a nail and hair makeover.

Finally, makeup artist Aarti Makker gives Kajal that gorgeous party ready look to surprise her parents and celebrate their special day. Don't miss out on her makeover.


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