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Team Get The Look Explores Power Fabric From Gujarat, Patan Patola

Published On: Apr 13, 2017   |  Duration: 22 min 40 sec

On this episode of Get The Look, we explore a double ikat weave that is a kaleidoscope of colours and geometric prints put together on the handloom by heritage weavers, through a process that entails dyeing, weaving and requires the ultimate precision. We are talking about the heritage power fabric hailing from Gujarat, Patan Patola.

Saniya, a busy entrepreneur, runs an express pizza delivery service and is always on the run. Team Get The Look is going to help this newly married 29-year-old impress her mother-in-law by dressing her up in the powerful and statement fabric, Patan Patola.

Our team of enthusiastic experts will help Saniya get the look. First up, designer Gaurang Shah. He loves working with heritage fabrics and has curated beautiful silhouettes for celebrities like Vidya Balan and Kiron Kher amongst others. Beauty host Dr Kiran Lohia imparts quick kitchen-friendly home remedies for luscious skin. Celebrity hairstylist Steven Mik from Blliis by Ravissant works his magic on Saniya's tresses. Makeup maestro Manjari Malik adds the right dose of makeup for Saniya to look absolutely fabulous.

Watch Saniya's amazing transformation on Get The Look.


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