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Team Get The Look Explores Satin To Give Priyanka a Stunning Makeover

Published On: Jun 01, 2017   |  Duration: 23 min

On this episode of Get The Look, we showcase a weaving technique that is famous across the globe - satin! We share with you how this technique has blended in beautifully into the summery and edgy Indian fashion vocabulary.

Watch our subject of the week, Priyanka Bansal, go through a transformation for her 25th birthday, as Ambika Anand and our team of experts help her own her style.

We start the show with designer Ragini Ahuja who gives our birthday girl Priyanka a brand new wardrobe. Beauty host Dr Kiran Lohia gives her a transformation that makes her feel more confident about herself. Hair stylists Elvis and Reema give her a new hairdo with a fiery red added to her locks and our fitness expert Kiran Sawhney helps Priyanka figure out a new and fun way to keep herself fit and healthy. Thereafter, celebrity makeup artist Ashima Kapoor gives Priyanka that flawless party look to make her stand out on her 25th birthday party. Don't miss this amazing transformation.


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